Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between HOST and other methods? 

Host Dry Carpet Cleaning is a true dry extraction method.

  • It has the least soap, water and chemicals 
  • It is safe for all types of carpets 
  • Host is safe for your family and pets 
  • You can use your carpet immediately 
  • Host Dry Cleaning can even be done on rainy days! This is not recommended with wet cleaning systems. 

Unlike steam or shampoo, Host does not over-wet your carpet. Over-wetting leads to rapid re-soiling, spots re-appearing and even re-activation of old odors - which can reduce the life of your carpet.

How long does HOST take to dry? 

Many areas will be dry by the time we are finished. High traffic lanes and stairs can take longer, but can also be used immediately.

Do I have to leave my house during Host Dry Carpet Cleaning? 

No. You can be there during the cleaning process, and walk on the carpet with clean feet or indoor shoes immediately after cleaning. 

Do I need to re-apply stain protection to my carpet after cleaning? 

No. Host does not remove the stain protection. We do not even recommend re-applying any coatings. 

If I clean my carpet, won’t it soil faster? 

No. Host has the least residue, so it will not attract new dirt like other "wet" methods. 

Will you send me a courtesy reminder in 6 months? 

Yes. We will send you a courtesy reminder in the mail so you can schedule regular carpet cleaning maintenance. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept checks and major credit cards. 

Many customers simply leave a key for us, then we call with the estimate and get approval. Over the phone credit card payment can then be made when the work is completed. At the end of the day, you come home to a clean carpet with no hassle! 

If there are any questions we didn't cover, please call (949) 859-2122, or email us.